Art and Design by
Joe Mendonca


Visual artist and multidisciplinary creative from Portland, Oregon. Post-Xerox practices in digital, print, and video mediums.

  • Visual Artist
  • Multidisciplinary Design
  • Graphics and Media Arts
  • Creative Direction
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Development
  • Behind Every Artist Is A

    Portland, Oregon artist Joe Mendonca has created visuals since 1997. Pine scattered across the backdrop of industrial buildings, a wild juxtaposition to his own craft of making and designing. His work has been seen on hundreds of album covers, t-shirts, stickers, music event flyers and posters, publication covers and features, in video projects, tattoo designs, and art prints.

    Mendonca’s artwork is conceptual in nature, and not of the found variety. A multitude of researched images, gritty textures, and illustrated elements make for an assemblage of his creative approach. Stylistic fundamentals combine early punk Xerox art, handmade show flyers, anarchism zines, old school skateboard imagery, old time and Americana, collage, primitive, and street art.

    Joe Mendonca


    P.O. Box 14475 Portland, Oregon 97293